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Who we are
Presenting the centre for wood science and technology
Who we are
At the institute of wood sciences in Hamburg we do study with roughly 200 fellow students. Our institute belongs to the University of Hamburg, where there are something like 40 000 students all up.

Research and tuition at our institute would not be possible without our close partner, the Thünen-Institute (TI), whose premises we use. The University of Hamburg and the TI have a long lasting partnership agreement.

Within the institute of Wood Sciences you find the following sections and divisions:

Division Sections
Forest Economics World Forestry
Economics of Forest Products
Ergonomics & Biocybernetics
Wood Biology  
Wood Technology Chemical Technology
Mechanical Technology

For students within the European Union it is the easiest to take part in the Erasmus program. The schools we have contracts with can be found on our Erasmus page (German). Our coordinator for exchange students is Bernhard Kenter. For general questions concerning our studies you may also want to contact Bernhard Kenter. Another good idea might be to contact the students via the students council.

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